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The Body Shop Skin Defence SPF 50 | Review

5th September 2017 by naffy

The Body Shop SPF 50 The Body Shop IMG_7140 I know summer is coming to end but SPF is a year round skin care product and it took me a while to gather my thoughts on the new Body Shop Skin Defence SPF 50.

The Body Shop Skin Defence 50 is jammed packed with UV Filters, brightening red algea and Vitamin C to help protect the face from any sun damage. It protects you from both UVB and UVA rays which is an absolute must for any SPF you decide to go with.

I had a love – hate relationship with this SPF. The reason I love it is the consistency. It is very light weight and moisturising. It generally feels like you are applying a lotion on your face which makes it easy to apply under makeup for everyday use but also means you can use it on its own which is a bonus and perfect for holidays where you mainly wear makeup in the evenings. When I apply this in the mornings, I skip my other moisturiser as this gives me both hydration and added protection.

The one thing which prevents me from using as much as probably should is the alcohol content in the Skin Defence SPF 50. You can really tell Alcohol Denant is a feature of this product which I probably should have checked beforehand but it really put me off using the Skin Defence SPF 50. (For my Muslim readers – as far as I am aware this is still permissible to use on the skin) Don’t get me wrong it is bearable and the smell goes away quickly but it still a little bit of a bug bare for me personally.

It is very hard to find an SPF of 50 in general but especially for £16.00. You really cannot go wrong. If I was in a warmer country or going away on holiday this would be stable in my skincare stash.

Have you tried The Body Shop Skin Defence SPF 50? If you have let me know what you think.


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