Best Books of 2018

The Best Books of 2018

22nd January 2019 by naffy

Best Books of 2018 I love sharing the books I have read with you, which is why I thought I would run through the best books of 2018 sitting on my bookshelf.

The Hate That You Give – Angie Thomas 

I read this book on my commute and the words on the page made me react more than any other book I have physically. I gasped, put my hands over my mouth and cried. The book is about a girl of colour who witnesses her friend being killed by a police officer and how it transformed her as a person. The story really resonated with me because it is very real. The characters and the places in this story may be fictional but there are many stories where there is a high chance a story like this is someone’s reality. I saw the scenes vividly play out in my head. It is not all consumingly deep and dark but be prepared to feel when reading this.

Did I Mention I Love You Series – Estelle Maskame 

Yes, I am incredibly late to the DIMLY series bandwagon but I am here and fully on board. The first book begins with Eden who visits her father and his family during the summer holidays. She has no idea who her stepfamily is, including her bad boy stepbrother Tyler who happens to be around her age. I read this book at least three times and since writing this I am contemplating reading it a fourth time. I will say this book is graphic and needs a little bit of emotional intelligence to read so is not for the young ones but Estelle’s writing is phenomenal. She has a way of transporting you to Los Angeles where the first book is based, even if you have never visited the city.

Everything I Know About Love – Dolly Alderton

I will admit, I wasn’t aware of Dolly Alderton or her writing until I discovered her podcast The High Low but I have fallen in love with her and her writing ever since. I was so happy to hear when she announced she was publishing her first book and it didn’t disappoint. If you have lived in a busy city like London or New York during your twenties, this will resonate with you on so many levels. Dolly takes us through her journey of juggling her twenties. It is filled with love, lust, loneliness, compassion, urgency, navigating relationships and so much more.

Feminist Don’t Wear Pink and other lies – Scarlett Curtis and friends 

I went to a live reading and in conversation event for this book and it was incredible to see some of the amazing women who contributed to this book share their stories and their passion for gender equality. Edited by Scarlett Curtis, the book features 52 essays from women such as Jameela Jamil, Saoirse Ronan and Kiera Knightly to name a few all sharing how they have experienced misogyny. I related to many of them. I cried with them as they revealed vulnerable accounts of how they have been treated within society for being a woman and how it made them feel. This is one book I wish I could give every woman across the world.

She Must Be Mad – Charly Cox

2018 was the year I got into reading poetry. One of those reasons was reading the words of Charly who discusses everything from relationships, school life, being a young woman in her twenties, body image, and mental health through her poems.

Which books have made your best of 2018 list?

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