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23rd November 2018 by naffy

Vitamin C Skincare Vitamin C Serum Vitamin C Skincare There are some ingredients in skincare which I know instantly make a difference to my skin. Vitamin C is one of those ingredients I know make a subtle but effective difference pretty much from the moment I start using the product. Here are some benefits of Vitamin C and why it should be a ingredient to keep and eye out for within your winter skincare routine.

Brightens the Skin

This is the first thing I noticed about my skin when I use vitamin C products. They are naturally very hydrating and moisturising which enables them to plump up the skin making it look more awake, brighter and over all give it a more healthy glow. I have normal to dehydrated skin so I like to use Vitamin C Moisturisers to make sure I lock in the hydration and moisture at the end of my skincare routine.

Contains Asorbic Acid

This is something I think you may only notice over time but Asorbic Acid is found in Vitamin C and helps with keeping the skin looking young and vibrant. There is nothing wrong with aging but Vitamin C helps in terms of protecting you from sun damage which can damage the skin.

Helps to reduce inflammation

Feeling puffy? Had a rough night? Applying Vitamin C under your eyes can help combat puffy eyes. I also find my face feels congested and a bit puffy after a big dose of sugar and Vitamin C feels so good on the skin I feel rejuvenated after applying it.

At the moment I mainly look to my moisturisers to contain Vitamin C as a way to add it into my skincare, however I think it is time to start thinking about adding Vitamin C Serums into the skincare routine.

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