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The Beauty Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow|Review

11th May 2018 by naffy

Anchal MUA Beauty instagram accounts Beauty instagram accounts Beauty instagram accounts Beauty instagram accounts As frustrating as Instagram can be, I cannot help but be a little bit addicted to it not only that but my day job involves me spending a lot of time on the site too which means I get ample time to discover new new beauty accounts and thought I would share some of my favourite ones.

Anchal MUA

I have been a fan of Anchal’s make up artistry since her days on Daily Mix’s Beauty Boot Camp for good reason. She was one of the first Indian women I came across so I looked to her for product recommendations suited to south asian skin. She is also a beautiful human inside and out – something which is reflected in her Instagram Feed.

Safiyah Tasneem

I am a little bit biased as Safiyah is a friend of mine but I adore how dedicated she is to swatching everything from lipsticks to eyeshadow. I also love the variety of brands she researches – from slightly more luxury brands to more affordable products.


Whenever a picture of the lovely Gina pops up on my feed, I instantly smile. Not only is she incredibly stunning but her looks are so on point, full of vibrancy, happiness and makes me feels adding a bit of colour to my make up routine can be accessible.


let’s just be honest, Steph is a babe and I confirm she is this stunning in real life. Her looks are slightly edgy but have a girl next door vibe to them too. I love how one minute you will see an everyday make up image and then the next you will her transform herself into something very different. If you like special effects make up but may be find it a bit overwhelming to see a full account of those images, Steph has a good mix of looks you can gain inspiration from.


Ah, the sweetheart which is Sophie. Not only is she a doll, she has the soul to match and make up stills I wish I had the patience to learn. If you’re looking for everyday glam looks Soph is your girl. She also loves a good highlight which I am all about.


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