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4th April 2018 by naffy

achieving your goals You know the old saying, write something down and it is more likely to happen. That is exactly my thought process when it comes to goal setting in 2018. I have started setting quarterly reviews which I adore and cannot wait to sink into. As we reach the first quarter of the year (where has the time gone) I thought I would share some of my to do list this April.

Visit a Vegan Market

There are a few Vegan markets around London and I have wanted to visit one for the longest time. Life took a bit of a curve ball so I held back on visiting one but that is going to change soon.

Buy new clothing

I am a savage outfit repeater. To the point where I haven’t bought new items of clothing for at least 6 months. The last time I really bought new items was when I did my Primark haul so it is safe to say I need a wardrobe clearcut.

Finish a Udemy Course

I am going to do a whole blogpost on the Udemy experience but I started a course which I am 75% through. Because it is something I am doing on my own, I have taken my time doing it so I need to get on it and get it done.

Go to a kickboxing class

I have spoken about this for a while so I really need to get on it and book into a class.

Sign up to the doctors

If my mum is watching this, I know I know I need to get this sorted out and I will I promise. This month. I obviously had a doctors back when I was living in my hometown and then in Leeds but I have yet to sign up to one in London. I think it is the extra travel which is putting me off slightly.

It doesn’t necessarily sound like a lot but some of these things I have been putting off for the longest time so I really need to get a wiggle on and get some of them done.

What things are on your April to do list? Let me know!

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