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The £7 Bargain Bag | Fashion

5th April 2017 by naffy

Budget Handbag Budget Handbag Budget Handbag It has been a while since I have shared a fashion post with you on the blog but when I came across this £7 Bargain Bag from Peacocks I could not resist.

I had been a hunt for a good small bag for a while but I did not want to spend a lot of money on it as I would be using it while I was running errands. My current dream bag is  the Chloe Faye Bag, so I was excited to come across this Cross Body Bag from Peacocks.

The black and gold detail is what drew me to the bag as I have been really loving this combination lately. I wanted something which would fit with my coats and the majority of my clothes.

I was also surprised with how much I can fit in this bag. Along with my big black fiorelli purse, I can fit it big bags for shopping, my hand cream and some sunglasses for when the weather warms up.

For me, someone who loves carrying her life with her, this is was a good size to downsize too as it was not too small that I felt I was restricting myself but still small enough to be a departure from my Mary Poppins bag which carries the world.

Unlike the Chloe Bag this peacocks wonder comes with a shoulder strap which I actually prefer as it means I can keep my hands free to pick up groceries or any shopping from my errands.

It is a very sturdy bag and is a bag I would feel comfortable wearing during the day and the evening.

I was so glad, I was able to grab this bag. When I saw it on the rack it was still marked as £12.00 so I was even more excited about the purchase when I got to the till and it was reduce to £7.00.

Do you think this was a great bargain bag? Have you nabbed a steal recently? let me know.


  • Ursula
    5th April 2017 / Reply

    What a deal and that is gorgeous black with gold details!


  • Corinne & Kirsty
    5th April 2017 / Reply

    This bag looks really nice! I love the design, color and fabric! And for £7?! Much more than a bargain! Well done and thanks for sharing! xx Corinne

  • Priyanka Patel
    6th April 2017 / Reply

    I love a good size bag that can fit all the things you need to carry around! I wish these would come in other colors though, I’d prefer a nude shade or navy blue.

  • PJ
    7th April 2017 / Reply

    Love the bag! So pretty, smart and versatile. I’m jelly! Wish I could find that bag here in NYC. It’s hard to find a small bag that fits everything you need to carry and look good too. Lucky duck!! Enjoy it. You look great with it :)