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Ten things to make your week easier

21st January 2019 by naffy

Making your week easier Making your week easier Making your week easier Life is unpredictable but when Monday rolls around I like to be as prepared for the week ahead as much as possible. Whenever I do these ten things, my week is a lot more stable and less fragmented which puts me more at ease. Here are the ten things to make your week easier.

Cook your evening meals in advance 

The earliest I get home is around 6:45 by the time I am settled in ready to eat I am blooming starving so I make sure every Sunday, I cook a couple of dishes which will last throughout the week. This way all I need to do at the end of the day is warm it up. Curries, chillies and pasta are all easy to make and last throughout the week. It is a good way to make sure you’re eating properly and do not resort to eating toast for dinner 4 nights a week.

Make a to-do list 

I have two to do list – a personal to-do list which includes making any phone calls, errands along with any bits and pieces I need to do that day. I also have a work to-do list which I write up when I get to work. It makes sure I get the stuff I need to get done that day done.

Do a weekly clean up of your space 

The weekend is when I spend most of my time in my room. Either writing, watching The West Wing. Something I have started doing recently is spending some time on a Friday evening cleaning up my mess from the week. Making sure any of the clothes from the week are put back in the wardrobe and little pieces like that. This way you are fresh ready to tackle the weekend.

Go for lunchtime walks 

Being stuck in the office all day is no fun. Regardless of if you work in an office like me or work from home staring at the same walls all day is not good for the soul. I use to be the person who felt guilty for taking a lunch break. I have worked in places where I felt guilty about moving from my desk and worked in places where we have been encouraged to take a lunch break outside the office. Getting out of the office for a walk rejuvenates you and helps clear your mind.

Wake up a half an hour earlier 

Do you wake up and feel the time has gotten away from you before you’ve even left the door to start your day? Setting your alarm half an hour earlier will make the world of difference. Even if you stay in bed with your thoughts (or let’s be honest checking your phone) for that half an hour waking up a little bit earlier than normal help your stress levels and mean you can leave the house without feeling flustered.

Switch to decaf tea 

I like drinking tea and more often than not it helps comfort me but throughout the day if I am already feeling anxious or stress it can make me feel more jittery which is why I drink decaf tea throughout the day and it leaves me feeling good.

Schedule time to do something fun 

Life is busy and we can get stuck in a routine. We can often forget to do something which is fun or we enjoy. Making sure we schedule a time to do this during the week gives you something to look forward too.

Implement small acts of self-care into your routine 

Make sure to include small things like taking a good amount of time to eat properly or taking time to do the skincare routine at the end of the day. It stops you from rushing too much and getting frazzled.

Go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day

Feeling cranky all the time? Stabilising your sleep routine makes the world of difference. I will not tell you how many hours of sleep to get – That depends on you and varies from person to person but make sure it is the same time allows your body to rest properly and hopefully should ensure you get a good quality of sleep.

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