Dealing with stress

Taking the pressure off – Learning to De-Stress

6th November 2018 by naffy

Dealing with stress Stress Dealing with stress Over the past few years, I have become more and more aware of the impact stress has on my body and mental health. While I can be good during an external stressful situation. A lot of stress I feel comes from the pressure I place on myself. Here are some of the ways which can help in taking the pressure off and learning to de stress.

Lean on close friends and family

Something I have had to learn to do is express how I feel with my friends and family more. That includes moments when I feel stressed. This can be difficult especially if the stress is related to something you love but ultimately it is a great tool as they can offer a fresh perspective on the matters.

Remember, there is always tomorrow

I am the type of girl who loves a good to do list. So much so I have a notebook with me at all times to be able to add to it, refer back to it and adjust it accordingly. Sometimes they get quite long. More often than not there are one or two things on my list which I have to save for the next day for one or another.  It is important to remember if you do not get it all done, there is always tomorrow. Remember you are not a superwoman or man. You did what you could do in time you had.

What is your pressure trigger?

We all have our own pressure and stress triggers. For example,I need more organisation in my life. When I feel all over the place and like my life is not in order it is usually because I feel the structure to my day has fallen apart. I also realise in order to get things done I need to set a time in which I will do it.

Create a priority list

This is kind of linked to making lists (can you tell I am a list person) I learnt this from my dad actually who does this with sticky notes but you can totally do this in your head too. When you have your to do this, mark them in importance so you get them then done first. This will also help mentally because regardless of whatever else you get done

Take little moments for yourself

Sometimes giving yourself little moments to yourself helps to reduce the feeling of pressure and de-stress. It is all about making the most of your time. For example, I use my commute to read or watch Greys Anatomy. That is something I do for fun and allows me to feel like I have a moment to myself that way when I get home I am reenergised and able to tackle whatever comes next without feeling drained.

Pressure and stress can impact people differently and it is important to recognise this and deal with this accordingly.



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