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23rd October 2012 by naffy

(Picture courtesy of Kayleigh)

First of all, sorry for not blogging as much as usual this week. I have had a lot of assignments and things going on. I do have posts in my drafts for you all but the lightening hasn’t been right to upload the pictures.

So, to tide you all over, the lovely Kayleigh made this tag so I thought I would give it a go. I really like reading tag posts but have never gotten around to writing one myself. I do think they are a fun way of getting to know the person behind the blog though.

Passion – I have to admit I was a late bloomer so to speak in terms of really getting in to make up but I really liked make up from a young age. I use to watch my mum get ready for work or a special occasion and would always look forward to being allowed to put it on. I also really like clothes, it really must annoy people even now because I always say things like ‘I really like your top’. I am not the most on trend person in the world by any stretch but I love the clothes I buy and enjoy wearing them.

 Growing up I didn’t really have girls I would hang out with outside of school so it was a really basic hobby till I started going to college and university and started taking more a interest in the way I presented myself. My blog also sometimes has some TV and Politics in it. These are things that I am also very interested in. It is one of the reasons why I would like to be a features writer as I could combine all my passions in one place.

Creative – Since seriously blogging, I have been a lot more creative weather it is being more experimental with make up and fashion to how I want pictures on my blog to look. I have always had a creative side as I really enjoy writing but blogging has let me take experiment more and take it to a different level.

Other Bloggers – Meeting fellow bloggers on twitter or in real life has been very lovely. I have met/ got to know some lovely people I probably not have had a chance to talk too. An example would be recently there is someone whose YouTube channel I follow and I wanted some advice about my career. I decided to ask her and the response I got has to be one of the loveliest emails I have ever received  (and I have received a lot of emails. This is something I wasn’t expecting from blogging but It is something I am glad for.

Inspiration – Blogging has really inspired me. It has kept me from being bored when I was at a lost after university  It opened my eyes to the amazing world there is out there and the out of world opportunities it can present is amazing. I love reading blogs and finding out what you all like and don’t like.

My Own Space – My blog is like my own little bubble where I can put all my thoughts in too. Kind of like a journal. I get so in to it, sometimes I wish I could devote full days to just blogging. It is a place where I feel I can write what I want without being judged for it.

Blogging aim – I have a few aims when It comes to by blog. I would like it to be something that many people enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing it. I really enjoy writing my blog and that is something I want to continue. I would like to do more frequent posts which is slowly getting there. I would also like to attend an event and eventually make YouTube video’s as I enjoy watching them. Also in particular I would like to conduct more interviews as I really enjoy those posts. Another aim would be to meet some of the lovely people I have the opportunity to interact with and interact more with the blogging community in general.

Blogging Tip – Be yourself, your blog may change over time I know mine has. Stay true to who youu are and carry on writing about what you love. The rest will come with time.

Bloggers that have inspired me – This is such a hard question. All my favourite bloggers inspire me one way or another. The maker of this tag Kayleigh is one of them, along with Anna, Lily, Zoe, Hanah and Essie to name a few. I really how passionate they are about the things they blog about and it really shows when you read their posts or watch their YouTube video’s

So you could say I am blogaholic and I hope this makes you understand me a little bit more. If you like this post please comment below and if you want to see some more tags like this on my blog too.

Lots of love

  • 26th October 2012 / Reply

    It's magical, but having a blog does impact your life in a lot of positive ways. I love how you put it all together in this post, Nafisah! P.S. Just checked out the bloggers that inspired you – u British bloggers are so gorgeous, amazing!

  • 29th October 2012 / Reply

    This is a lovely tag, i am always tempted to do posts like this but have not found one relevant as this. It's great to hear positive things about blogging and bloggers, and it's nice to be part of a friendly community. x

    • 29th October 2012 / Reply

      thank you!!! you are one of my fav blogs so it means a lot that you liked reading this post!!!

      Nafisah xo

  • 30th October 2012 / Reply

    great post!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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    • 17th November 2012 / Reply

      thank you lovely xo