Surprises with Blossoming Gifts

19th October 2016 by naffy

img_0929 orchids flower delivery uk I love surprising people with gifts, I like to take my time to make sure it is a gift which is personal and sentimental to the person who is receiving. When it comes to flowers and plants, I am a little bit useful, which is where Blossoming Gifts come in to play.

Blossoming Gifts are an online service which makes flower gifting simple and easy. There is a mixture of plants and specially designed Bouquets to choose from. The one which caught my eye was the Milatonia Orchid plant, mainly because of how beautiful the plant look and also the the mini pot the plant is in fit in well with the living room.

The price range of the plants and flowers varies from £15 – £60 which for the service you get is very interesting. It also allows you to add small amenities such as a balloon or a box of chocolates.

When it comes to ordering the plant, the process is very user friendly, you simply place the order then place the date you would like to receive them, which is perfect if you are looking to surprise someone with flowers on a their birthday or a special occasion.

I was very impressed with the delivery process. It came on the day I requested along with instructions which for someone who is a bit of a plant noob,   I found this very hand because it includes everything from where to place the plant (for example if your plant does not require a lot of sunlight) to how many times a week or day you need to water them.

If you don’t like plants but have a special occasion, Blossoming Gifts also do chocolate Bouquets along with other personalised and hampers which I will definitely be taking advantage off.

Speaking of gifts, I wanted to team with Blossoming Gifts and give you a % discount on your first order. All you have to do is make your order and type in the code before you check out.

If you want to make a order and try Blossoming Gifts for yourself, you can get 35% off using the code BGIFTS33.

Let me know what you think of Blossoming Gifts. Is it something you will use in the future?

  • Sarah | The Urban Wanderer
    21st October 2016 / Reply

    I love sending flowers an gifts too and my favourite places to order from are Scilly Flowers and Wiggly Wigglers as they do seasonal posies and bouquets and masses of Narcissus which are my favourite flower in the entire world!

  • Carl
    21st October 2016 / Reply

    My wife would absolutely love these
    Great post