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30th March 2018 by naffy

Productive Morning Routine Whether we are workaholics or lazy oafs, we all have a Sunday Ritual. Mine tend to vary depending on where I am – If I am at my family home, it will involve spending time with my family eating delicious food. When I am in London however, these are some of the Sunday Rituals I like to indulge in.

Eating Chocolate

There is nothing better at the end of a Sunday to sit in bed watching your TV show with a cup of tea and some chocolate. It is literally heaven. My favourites are usually The Raw Chocolate Company.

Watching Youtube

Another thing I like to reserve Sundays for is for spending time catching up on my Youtube subscription box. I have a playlist of videos I save to watch from the week and try my best to get through as many as I can.

Planning the week ahead

I also use this time to sit down with my diary and bullet journal to plan out my week. I mean I already know what I am doing for the week but I make sure come Sunday it is all planned out. I sometimes will do this on Friday too as it helps me feel settled.

Cooking for the week ahead.

I am rubbish at cooking during the week. I am alway hungry when I come home from work so if it was up to me I would end up making something like beans on toast which is just not on. I also like cooking so I use Sunday to cook a couple of meals which I can eat during the week.

Get in bed early

Set out the week as you mean to go on. Sleep and the value sleep brings you is important which is why I try to make sure I get a early night.

All in all, Sundays are probably one of my favourite days of the week for that very reason. What Sunday Rituals will you be indulging in this weekend?

  • julia
    5th May 2018 / Reply

    I like to use Sunday and the weekend in general to catch up on Youtube as well, sometimes I’ll sit in my car and prop up my phone and watch Youtube while I’m waiting! :p

    Julia // The Sunday Mode