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30th November 2014 by naffy

Instagram Pictures: Last Week’s Top 5 video, Selfie taking on a Saturday is mandatory, The weekly quote I felt was rather fitting as I have been feeling a bit odd recently.

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Vlogs and Blogs of the week
How not to settle – Wonderful You & Superlatively J (In order to love others, you need to love and be comfortable with yourself)
Enjoy the moment – It’s a Mandy thing (Relate to this so so much!)

Depending on when you’re reading this HAPPY DECEMBER. I always say this but I absolutely love this time of year. Everyone is a lot more happy and cheerful. I also love the evening shopping with the christmas lights on.

Aside from that, this week went fast for the most part. Nothing extraordinary happened in the beginning of the week. I just went to work and basically froze because it was really cold outside but I don’t actually mind. I am one of those people who are more happy cold than warm. Weird Child, I know.

I had to visit the dentist this Friday. I haven’t been in forever. I really like looking after my teeth and I found that there is a possibility I will need a filling. I have never had a filling so I am slightly panicked. Clearly need to fix this, anyway I got some new toothpaste that should hopefully help as well looking in too a electric toothbrush. Thanks to Christmas and Black Friday they seem to be on sale so that is pretty cool. Do any of you use them? which one is the best?

One of my favourite things about this week was that I got to catch up with Cat, who is one of my oldest blogging friends. She is so lovely and it was nice to see how she is doing. There was a lot of talk about make up and christmas and food. It was really lovely. I also managed to grab a sweater from TopShop that I had my eye on for forever. It was an absolute bargain too. Hopefully I should have a blog post on it soon so keep an eye out.

The end of the week was spent starting a new book and spending time with my family. I haven’t seen a lot of them for most of the month so it was nice spending time with them and catching up. My little cousins are the cutest. I love talking to them about books, school and youtube! (Side note, I am almost at 100 subs on my channel and would love for you to check it out!)

Here is to another week! What have you done this week? 

Lots of love
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