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Summer Dining at Evelyn’s Cafe Bar Manchester

31st August 2016 by naffy

Evelyn Manchester Places to eat Manchester Bulgarwheat Salad Vegan Place to eat in manchester Evelyn's Cafe Bar If you know me, you will know I have been wanting to try the Evelyn’s Cafe Bar Manchester for the longest time. I had herd such great things about it from fellow blogger Pamela, I knew I had to give it go. So when my friend Frances and I met up for a nice catch up, there was no doubt a visit to Evelyn’s Cafe Bar was going to be on the cards.

Placed in one of my favourite places in Manchester, The Northern Quarter, Evelyn Cafe Bar is a small Cafe which prides itself on providing its customer with fresh, healthy, delicious wholesome food. In fact, if you are a vegetarian or vegan, it is worth noting they do not sell pork, Bacon or ham on their menu.

It was a really warm day when Frances and I paid a visit to Evelyns which is why I decided to opt for a Salad. I chose the Quinoa, Bulgar wheat, Whipped Tofu, Kale and Beets. I actually asked for it without the Kale as I am not the biggest fan and chose to have it with Spinach instead.

One thing I was not expecting was that the salad comes with a mint sauce and a small handful of friend onions which added a nice touch to the Salad.

I was really impressed with how big the portion size was. It was a full to the brim bowl full of goodness which left me feeling nice and full hours later.

The Quinoa and Bulgar Wheat adds depth to the salad while still feeling light on the stomach but satisfying at the same time. This salad is completely vegan for those of you who are looking for a vegan place to eat in Manchester.

Frances had a Turkey and Lemongrass Pattie Sandwich with Carrots, beets and mayo. It also came with some Shoestring Fries both of which she said was absolutely delicious.

The atmosphere at Evelyn’s Cafe Bar on a Friday evening was wonderful. The staff was lovely, checking if we were happy with the food and if we needed anything. The other customers who visited the place were beyond friendly and there was a real positive energy about the place.

I already know Evelyn’s Cafe Bar will be one of my favourite places to visit in Manchester. They have a nice brunch menu I need to go back for because Breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the entire day.

Have you paid a visit to Evelyn’s Cafe Bar? what should I try next? suggestions are most definitely welcome.

  • Laura
    31st August 2016 / Reply

    Looks amazing! Definitely need to try it out :) xx

  • Chrissie
    31st August 2016 / Reply

    Ooh, I’m so glad I’ve read your review. Me and my bloke are veggie and I have a dairy intolerance so I know what I’ll be ordering when we go! I wish the cafes in Gorton were as friendly as this, they normally roll their eyes when I ask for the veggie options as it’s a cheese toasty basically lol