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6th July 2017 by naffy

Benefit Gimme Brow Benefit Gimme Brow When it comes to brow products, one that has been talked about for a long time but I had yet to try was the Benefit Gimme Brow.

The initial launch of the Gimme Brow did not include my shade so I was excited to see during the relaunch I was able to find my shade. (Shade Five FYI) Luckily Benefit was doing a promotional thing for all their customers to try their Gimme Brow so I decided to see what the hype was about.

I have to say out of all the brow products from Benefit I have tried, this is not going to be my first port of call.

When I applied it, there was a distinct scent in the product which unfortunately put me off but aside from that, it does work nicely a gel to set your brows which is useful in this heat we are currently experiencing.

I am someone who likes a highly defined brow, which is why I think I prefer the Benefit Goof Proof brow pencil as it allows you to define and shape your brows a little more than the Gimme brow is able to.

To me, Gimme Brow works more as a product to help set your brows in place after you apply your brow product of choice. If you are someone who loves a natural brow you will love this. The small wand does pick up the product which adds a little bit of something to the brows to keep them structured – perfect if you have full brows and just want to keep them in place.

I am really happy Benefit included a deep shade in the Gimme Brow range. As someone who has dark brows, it can be hard to find brow products that work with the colour of my brows.

Have you tried Gimme Brow or any of the other brow products from Benefit? What did you think?


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