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Five ways to support other women | International Womens Day 2018

8th March 2018 by naffy

international women day 2018 There is nothing more I love than supporting my friends and family, this includes supporting other content creators or a stranger who I have never met. As it is international womens day, I thought I would share five ways to support women whether you are a man or woman.

Compliment them without an agenda

Something which startles people is the amount I will compliment someone. If I like a friends top or think someone on twitter posted a beautiful picture I will let them know. I will even tell someone whom I  am walking past I like their outfit if I do. That isn’t because I am expecting them to compliment me back but just because I know if someone did that to me, it would make my day and there really isn’t a reason not to make someone smile with a few words. Selfishly, it also makes me feel nice to know I made someone smile.

Share their content

I am writing this mainly in regards to other content creators but it can really be applied to all industries and work places. If your favourite blogger or content creator has written something amazing, share it on social media. If your colleague delivered a killer presentation, make it known.

Build each other up

Women can often put each other down. Maybe it is because we feel there isn’t room out there for all of us or maybe it is because we are not use to seeing women in certain positions but there is room for all of us. If you know a friend needs help with a project lend her a hand. If she is having a bad day, cheer her up. Even just a text saying good morning, have a wonderful day or wishing them good luck if they have a big day, can give them the energy they need to survive the day.

Use words such as smart, creative and talented alongside beautiful

I am lucky, all of my cousins and little sister are more beautiful than I am not just on the outside but on the inside too. They are smart, sassy and can hold their own. So when I compliment them, or when I see them down, I am very careful with my words. I like them to know they are stunning, because there is nothing wrong in that, but I also remind them they are bright smart and intelligent and can do anything they set mind too.

Create a network

Ah the power of networking. I never really noticed the value of this until I moved to London (probably because I come from a small town where nothing really happens) but finding like minded women who can support and help each other thrive in such a dog eat dog industry is one of the most powerful things you can do. I have been to events which have open doors to blogging opportunities, job prospects and more importantly life long friendships with people who get it and can support your journey.

You see, it really is easy to support each other, not just as women but as human, not just today but tomorrow, and the next day and the day after that.

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    12th March 2018 / Reply

    I too can relate to being to quick to saying “yes..that is until about 3 years ago! Then as I was led to STOP .to spend more time with my Lord and to know Him more intimately, and now when I”m asked, I can honestly say to the individual, “Let me pray about that and get back with you in a few days..and then I pray!! Many times those requests are things I would love to do, but I”ve come to know that if they are not things the Lord want me to do, I will be stressed and will have difficulty in fulfilling my commitment!! Sometimes, individuals know who will be willing to commit and will go to them, and “EXPECTING those individuals to say “YES, and we (the doers) are more concerned about disappointing people instead of being sensitive to our Lord and what He wants in our lives!!(ask me how I know). Unfortunately, we as “doers can get a “Pride in all that we do and accomplish, as others often look at us in admiration and often compliment us! The Lord impressed upon me that my relationship with Him was what He desired, for this season of my life, thus it has become so easy to, with a smile and a God confidence, reply to the request of me giving a commitment, “Let me pray about that and get back with you in a few daysand then I pray and I”m willing to say “no, if God doesn”t lead me to do it! Blessings to all. Carolyn