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Spectrum Brushes: The Glam Clam Collection | Review

3rd July 2018 by naffy

Spectrum Brushes Review Glam Clam Collection Glam Clam Collection I love discovering new make up brushes so I was excited to to try out the Glam Clam Collection from Spectrum Brushes*

I had heard a lot about spectrum brushes so I was expecting big things from them and they didn’t disappoint.

The collection comes with 10 brushes. Three for the face, One of the lips and six for the eyes and each of them are dreamy and soft to the the touch.

When I first saw the set, I was immediately drawn to the eye brushes, in particular the B06 Tall Tapered Brush and the A06 large fluffy blender brush. Both brushes, pick up pigment from he shadows beautiful and are soft on the lids. There was no shredding which has happened in past with other brushes which is a relief.

I do have to warn my small lid girls,  if you have small lid space, these are beautiful brushes but a bit on the are side. I have slightly small eyes and they were delightful to use but the size did make it a bit difficult to do intricate eye looks.

The other brushes which stand out too me from the collection were the concealer brush which was delicate but firm enough to blend concealer under the eye and the powder brush which I adored for an all over face contour. It picks up pigment really well and blends it beautifully.

A surprise winner for me was the Angled brow brush. Mainly because I wasn’t expecting it to work so well with my brows. I was able to work with the brush easily and fill in my brows in the way I wanted too.

Over all the collection is absolutely adorable. It is missing a highlighter brush but I will have to forgive them for that.  The brushes are top quality. I am in the love with the summer vibes of the handles and feel of the collection is fun which is an added bonus.

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