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8th May 2017 by naffy

Shopping in leeds

Space NK leeds It has been a while since I have stalked the isles of Space NK so after paying the store a visit, I had to give the website a look and fell in love with some of the new releases. As expected a Space NK Wish list was born. The list is long but here is  the top five from that list.

Becca Sunlit Bronzer 

You all know my love for the Becca Skin Perfecting highlighters so I gave a little sqeal when I cam across the sunlit bronzer. I have yet to see this in store but I have no doubt I will fall in love with it.

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil 

Cleansers are not something I always spend a lot of money on, however the skincare junkie got very excited when Kiehls announced they were adding to their midnight recovery line to include the Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil. At £32 it is contains the great ingredients I would look for in a second cleanser.

Shisheido Wet Force Sun Ageing Protection Lotion SPF 50 

Summer is a coming and although I always make sure to have some form of SPF on my face, I like to step it up slightly when the weather gets warmer. Granted, we live in the UK and summer can feel like a forgotten word but it is always worth being prepared. I have herd amazing things about the Shisheido Wet Force Sun Ageing Protection Lotion SPF 50 for years and I feel like it is finally time to give it a go.

Oribe Signature Moisture Mask 

My hair has been on the dry side lately and needs a big pick me up so I have been searching for an mask to help add the moisture back to the scalp and my hair. The Oribe Signature Moisture Mask sounds like it will do the trick. Wearing a headscarf I have had little need to try out their dry texturising spray so I am excited to try something from the haircare brand.

Ameliote Skin Soothing Body Lotion 

This is one which is going straight in to my shopping basket. The Ameliote Skin Soothing Body Lotion is something I discovered a couple of months ago. It is clinically formulated to help tackle dry skin on the body along with the bumps and uneven texture some of our skin can have. As much as I look after my face, my body can get neglected so this is something I really to sink my teeth in too.

Yep, there is definitely a reason this is a Space NK wish list at the moment as oppose to a haul but I will slowly but surely add a few of these on to my beauty collection.

Do you have a current Space NK wish list? if you do let me know your picks.

  • Ursula
    16th May 2017 / Reply

    Love your beauty list….I like using Oribe style cream, shampoo/condition, dry shampoo, perfume, and of course Hair spray samples via Birchbox!