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2nd June 2013 by naffy

Happy sunday beauties. Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. As a skincare junkie I read up a lot on products and brands. I am also cautious about trying a lot of different things on skin at once because it can do more damage sometimes.

I haven’t had a problem in that respect but it does mean when I find a range works well for me I try out a bit more for them before trying something completely new. One such brand is Origins. So as part of a new feature I thought I would show you some of the favourites from them.

I love Origins, as a brand they are absolutely incredible. The service they provide is on point and they are really helpful to their customers. If you are looking in to trying the brand I would definitely go to the nearest counter and have a look around.

Origins is great at giving out samples of there products. The sizes are quite reasonable too. I like samples gives you a chance to test stuff out before committing a large amount of money to something that could break you out.

Here are my top choices at the moment.:

  • Origins GinZing eye cream – I never thought eye creams worked until I tried this one. Holy mother of god this is good. It keeps my under eyes hydrated and bright and keeps the puffiness down if I have not had much sleep. I genuinely notice a difference in that area if I haven’t used it for a while. It is a big staple in my skincare routine. 
  • Make a difference + Rejuvenating moisturiser – My skin has been changing slightly (which is expected as you grow up shudders) It has become more normal – dry/dehydrated in certain areas. So I got a sample of this and absolutely love it. It it light weight yet one of the most hydrating moisturiser. I am not going to lie it is quite expensive but you can get a sample to see how it works with your skin and if you want to buy it. 
  • Drink Up Overnight Intensive Mask – You cannot mention Origins without including a mask. I have been recommended this by so so many people. I have not used this a lot yet but it is worth getting a sample if your skin needs hydrating. 

I have only tried a couple more things from Origins. These come up top though. I do intend to try out more though so keep your eyes out on reviews on them!

Overall, Origins is one of my favourite brands and I would definitely recommend looking in to them. 

Have you tried anything from them? 
Lots of love

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