Skincare on a budget

9th December 2012 by naffy

Ok, for those of you who don’t know I have become a bit of a skincare junkie. The more make up I wear, the more I do my utmost best to ensure that my skin doesn’t suffer. I should also say I do not have terribly bad skin. Ih ave the occasional spot and dark circles under my eyes but nothing too drastic so bare that in mind when reading my recommendations.

Now, I know that there are higher brands such as Origins and REN’s skincare which are good and healthy for your skin, however I was a student, I know that it isn’t always possible to afford them. Either that, or you just want to use your money on a top rather than a cleanser which I can see why.

That doesn’t mean you should neglect your skincare. There are ways in which you can look after your skin and make sure it is fresh and clean…without ultimately breaking your bank balance.

So, I thought I would tell you about my two favorite drugstore skincare brands and why I like them.

my first brand is: NIVEA

This is a brand most of you are familiar with and I can see why! I have used this on and off since I was a teenager and It works amazingly with my skin. My skin ventures on normal – combination skin. They also do products for sensitive skin too.

I have tried some of the daily essential range, the exfoliator, 2 – 1 cleanser and toner and the daily day moisteriser. I also have used there hand creams. I liked how these products felt on my skin, it didn’t feel harsh and it made me feel like I cleaned my face too which is what you want from face products!

If you had to pick one product from this rang to start using first I would go with the moisteriser. I use this continuously, It makes my skin feel really hydrated a lot more than any other day moisterisers I have used in the past. My skin feels soft and it is oil free so my tee zone doesn’t get oily. It isn’t greasy and doesn’t tighten on your skin when you apply it like some moisterisers can.

Nivea is really affordable with most of their products under £5 and easily available from drugstores and supermarkets.

The second brand: SIMPLE

I know I did just talk about their make up wipes so I apologise for drumming both of these brands down your throat but I tend to not change skincare routines and brands too much.

This is the other brand which is probably, the healthiest for the skin a long with Nivea. The reason being is that it is mainly natural in comparison to other drugstore brands. I always think the more natural the product the better it is for you and I haven’t been proven wrong yet. Again, these products are not harsh on your skin as their are alcohol free.

The price range on these products again are less than £10 and are also available in most drugstores and supermarkets.

A good way to see if these brands will work for you could be from using the travel size versions of these  products. They are roughly £1-£2 and there is enough for a test to see how they effect your skin.

So there you go, you can afford to have great skin without having to spend millions of pounds. I will say though to go along with a good skincare regime a healthy lifestyle goes a long way to improving your skin too.

IF you do like spending more on skincare and want to know which of those I prefer then I will be posting about that too but I am experimenting with them at the moment.

What skincare do you use? ler me know :)

Lots of love
Nafisah x

  • 11th December 2012 / Reply

    I absolutely love simple products, I love the specially spot prone range by them it helped my skin out massively when I was having bad breakouts!
    Thanks for post.
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  • 12th December 2012 / Reply

    they are great aren't they? especially if you do not want to spend too much on skincare! x

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