Shower Hacks

Shower Hacks for winter smooth skin

17th January 2017 by naffy

Shower Hacks I have a confession, up until recently, I did not really pay much attention to the condition of the skin on my body. On my face yes absolutely on my body, not so much. After thinking about it, I decided enough was enough, I needed to get rid of the dry winter skin.  I made a conscious effort to do some reading and test out some shower hacks for winter smooth skin.

Keep everything in the shower

This sounds simple and easy but you will be surprised to learn up until university I kept the body lotion and even body scrubs in my room. I would have to go the little extra mile to use them properly. Since placing both in my bathroom, I use them more frequently and at the optimal to use them. Using the body scrub helps rejuvenate the skin (more on the this later) and not having to wait until heading upstairs to re hurt your skin, applying body butter straight after dabbing your skin dry works wonders in securing hydrating in to your skin.

Find the right body scrubs

I have used my fair of body scrubs and I will be honest a few have been absolutely duds. Give a couple of brands a try to find one which works for you. Personally I love a bit of Soap and Glory and The Body Shop as I found them to be the most effective.

Clip up Long Hair Back 

I have quite long hair and one of the most frustrating things is how it can get in the way when you are having a shower. So what I do is wash and condition my hair and then use this butterfly clip from Scunci to keep the hair out of my way without damaging it. It means you can get to every part of your body easily without any fuss. I also use this post shower when I let my hair dry naturally.

Exfoliate the skin

If you have dry or flaky skin as most of us do in the winter, moisturiser will only go so far. You need to exfoliate the skin in order to get rid of it all completely. Using a body scrub or a charcoal scrub will work wonders to help you do this efficiently.

The wet brush is your saviour

They say you should not comb your hair while it is wet but if you have long hair like me, you will know the chances of this are actually slim. Long hair gets knotted fairly quickly and if you like to dry your hair naturally as I do you need to be able to brush it a couple of times before bed. The wet brush is the best invention for your hair. It is designed to glide through wet hair without causing any breakage or damage to the hair follicles or scalp. I have been using the wet brush for months  now and I am still amazing at how wonderful it is to use.

These Shower Hacks for winter smooth skin help keep my skin on good form even on the harshest winter days.

Do you have any Shower Hacks for winter smooth skin which would be useful? let me know in the comments below.