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5th September 2019 by naffy

Second hand shopping Full disclaimer, yes my wardrobe does still contain pieces from fast fashion outlets, however, over the past year, I have been more mindful about my purchases and only going second-hand shopping when I really need something. Getting things second-hand takes some research so I thought I would share some of my favourite places you can get something for your wardrobe without the guilt.


This is London specific but the Pimlico area has some incredibly lovely charity shops which are beautiful and full of wonderful bits and pieces from t-shirts to kitchen items and household nick-knacks. On my trip, I picked up a couple of books I had my eye on for literally £2 – £3. Prices of items vary depending on the store you visit but it makes for a lovely afternoon regardless. There are plenty of cafes around too which is can make it a nice thing to do with friends.


I mean the first place I go when I want a specific item is search on deepop and see what there is. It is a good alternative to other fashion apps you may have on your phone and has a great range of products. It is also a good option for items you may have wanted from the high street a few months ago but didn’t purchase. (If that is you, honestly give yourself a pat on the back, I know how easy it would have been to make the purchase)

Clothes Swap parties

This is something I am planning and hoping to do soon and that is a clothes swap party. It is simple really, make some snacks, get your friends around, ask them to bring a few items they would like to trade with each other. You get the feeling of shopping without having to go to then ugh street and actually having to spend a penny.


I am actually on the hunt for a pair of jeans which can be tricky as the ethical brands which make them can be rather expensive but Traid are a set of charity shops across London and they have a huge range of jeans in particular but also other preloved items.

Kilo sales

I went to my first-kilo sale this year and it was everything I was hoping it would be and more. Kilo sales are essentially where you purchase second-hand clothes and pay by the kilo. You could get a good few items for £10 or under which is perfect if you are on a budget. they are just fun experience. Everyone looking for their one piece and the vibe in these places is usually one which is cheery and happy. You do need to be quick as once something is gone, you won’t find it again so I would advise keeping hold of items you are considering and do an evaluation before heading to the till.

There really something special about the thrill you get when you are purchasing items second hand and if you haven’t given it a go yet, I hope this inspired you to find other ways to get your shopping dopamine hit from.

Photo by Becca McHaffie on Unsplash
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