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Seven ways to lift your mood | Life

19th September 2018 by naffy

Nafisah Atcha Portobello Market Nafisah Atcha Some thing I have been more conscious off recently is my mood and how I am in control of it and how I feel. Yes life has unexpected twists and turns and it turns out and sometimes it can get on top of you. When that happens I have a check list these seven things to lift my mood.

Friday night catch up with the housemates 

Something myself and the girls I live with try and do every Friday is come together and just catch up. We will either gather in the kitchen or one of our rooms and just catch up on the week. I cannot explain how special these girls are and after a long week, there is nothing better than sitting with them and catching up.

Writing down three things I am grateful for during the day

I have started writing down three things I am grateful for everyday over on Instagram stories and it really does allow me to put things into perspective and stops me from overthinking just before bed.

Reading Books 

I adore books and when I was in a really bad place mentally I did not read as much. I felt guilty for reading. The girl who read before she could walk felt guilty for picking up a book. Like it was a waste of my time. The feelings books give me, the emotions I get from the words on a page is chilling. Curling up with a book makes me happy so I make time for it.

Watching Film 

When I say I like films. I really like films. From the writing, from the editing, from the acting to the camera shots. There is something magical about the world of film. Be it on Netflix or in the cinema. I love films which have a good heart wrenching story with a good message to it. Films like Friends with Benefits which has loads of cute moments in it just make my day.


Living in the moment

If you know me, you will know I like to have a schedule which actually creates a lot more pressure than you realise. You cannot plan everything in life and sometimes you need to take that unexpected trip or spend that afternoon you planned to write with your family. They need it as much as you. I have been living in the moment and the situations which life brings a lot more recently and it really paid off.


Spending time around positive people 

I have become incredibly picky about who I spend time with. I am a firm believer in the people you surround with have an impact on how you feel within yourself. Surrounding myself with people who are positive, compassionate, empathic and allow me to grow makes a difference to my mood instantly.

Going for walks 

London is a great city to walk in. There is so much to discover from parks to odd streets to the old vintage you didn’t know existed. I have been doing a lot more mindful walking recently where I can take in the scenery and the area around me. This one is relatively new and I didn’t know how much I did like it until recently but it is one way I will be lifting my mood regularly. It does not have to be a long 2 hour walk. Even a 15 minute walk on my lunch break can make the world of difference.

How do you life your mood? let me know in the comments.

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