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6th December 2017 by naffy

Sleeping hacks Sleeping hacks Growing up sleep is something I use to think of as something people do. It wasn’t fun or interesting – just a fact of life. As I have grown up, I have begun to see the importance of sleep, the reasons why we need it and how it can make ah use impact on our daily lives. For a couple of years I had it down – I knew what to do to achieve a good nights sleep, however this year, life has been crazy and has meant I have had to retrain myself a little bit and reintegrate these seven tips for getting a better nights sleep.

Use a sleep spray 

I didn’t realise the value of this until I gave in to the hype and decided to give sleep sprays a go. I have tried a couple – the one I am using at the moment is this one from Feather & Down. Whether or not it is a placebo effect or not spraying this as I get in to bed really sets the mood and help me wind down for the evening.

Going to sleep at the same time everyday 

Something that is essential is getting a routine. I like to wake up around 5:15 which means I need to get to bed around 10:30. On the nights I go to sleep later than this, I find I am not performing to my best – or if it is the weekend, I end up staying in bed a little bit longer to compensate.

Do not eat half an hour before bed 

Working full-time and blogging can often mean I get immerse in the laptop which is all good and dandy but it can mean by the time I am ready for an evening snack it can be around 10:00pm. When this happens I find my sleep to not be as seamless as it could be – it may be a little unsettling or I will wake up to go to the loo or wake up with a little bit of heartburn. It is something I unfortunately got stuck in the routine of doing and this is one tip I have to reintroduce in my routine.

Switch your phone to night mode 

If you have an iPhone, there is an night mode which switches the screen from the blue tones we are use too, to a warmer tone which is meant to help the melanin production in your body allowing you to get a better nights sleep.

Does it work? I do find I am more relax but also it is a good indicator to start winding down for the evening. My night shift mode kicks in at around 8:00pm which tells me I have around an hour and a half to get the rest of my to-do list done.

I can find myself scrolling through my phone just before bed so this does help.

De-stress an hour before bed 

Something I realised is that I can find it hard to unwind if I have do not give myself time to get lost in something that isn’t stimulating. I thrive of being constantly being busy and having my brain ticking over but it does not bode well for a good nights sleep. I realised I need atleast an hour before bed to sit back and watching something or if I am reading a book around half an hour. The reason being is that it takes me a while to actually feel relaxed even if I am going through the motions.

Close the light 

You know when you are just too lazy to switch the light off before going to bed? we have all been there – myself included. I found on those particular evenings my sleep has not been at its most optimal. After realising this, I decided to be conscious about and making sure I take those extra couple of seconds to do.

Find your sleeping sweet spot 

Sleeping too much can be just as detrimental as not sleeping enough. Both my dad and I have figured out how many hours of sleep we need to be the best versions of ourselves during the day. I realised my body needs 6-7 hours of sleep so I make sure I do what I can do get this. On the weekends if I end up lying in (what is one of those) I end up feeling a bit meh and lethargic, like i am wasting the day so I make sure unless my body really needs (after a week of late nights) to keep to the same routine.

All the above tips and tricks for getting a better nights sleep is a work in progress. Everyone is different and there is a lot of trial an error but let me tell you – it is worth every single moment.


  • Julia
    6th December 2017 / Reply

    I have to make sure I de-stress before bed as well otherwise I end up staying up all night just laying awake in bed and it’s awful.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode