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20th January 2016 by naffy

London Hotel

The Chester Hotel London IMG_6894

Last Month I traveled from up north to visit London and all that it had to offer. I was only there for one evening and booked in to stay at The Chester Hotel Victoria London.

Based in Victoria, only a couple minutes from the tube station, I  really could not go wrong. As I mentioned I was only there for one evening and did not need somewhere too lavish to stay. The Chester Hotel was the perfect cross between a B&B and a hotel.

When you first enter, you cannot miss that the place is quite small and quaint. If you are use to London and confined spaces, this will not shock or surprise you. The lower part of the hotel is welcoming with the front man greeting you in a warm friendly manner.

I had booked a single room and while it was small, it did the job. I was not expecting a lot from my stay, which is why I was impressed with the room. Yes it was slightly small however the bed was very comfortable, the room came with complementary tea and coffee facilities as well as a wide screen TV which included all the Freeview Channels.

My main requirement for a hotel was WiFi, more than that great quality Wifi in my room. I was staying on my own and as it was a Saturday I wanted to have access to the internet as my video was going live that evening. The Chester Hotel offers free WiFi in your room which works well enough to watch youtube videos, browse the internet ect which made me extremely happy.

They also offer a big English Breakfast with an additional charge, however I really wanted to try The Good life Eatery for Breakfast so opted for that instead.

I was also very surprised with the bathroom. The rest of the room had a comfy feel to it while the bathroom added a modern touch to it. It included complimentary bath soap, shampoo and towels, all of which were of good quality. I was actually impressed to see Lux Products as it is a recognisable brand across the UK. The familiarity added to the appeal as I am one of those people who like to try new things but all in good time, not when I am in a rush or travelling.

The best thing about The Chester Hotel has to be the price point. This room costs £71 for a night, which if you visit London regularly, you will know how cheap this is.

If you are looking for a quick getaway to London and would rather spend money exploring the city and not on your living quarters, this is worth giving a go.

  • Ursula
    20th January 2016 / Reply

    I love your hotel review and great rate per night too! Definitely keep in mine when I finally get to travel outside the US!


    • naffy
      21st January 2016 / Reply

      Thank you xxx

  • Larissa
    25th January 2016 / Reply

    Loved the photos and the review ! Will definitely have to keep in mind the Chester Hotel next time I go to London !

    • naffy
      26th January 2016 / Reply

      Thank you xx