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Review | NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Creams

11th February 2016 by naffy

NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suedes NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suedes So a couple of weeks I headed in to Manchester for the first time in a while and decidedly headed to the the NYX stand in the Boots on Market Street. It was my first time checking out the stand and I went with the intention to pick up a few shades of the NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Creams.

IMG_7698 IMG_7699 IMG_7705 I picked three shades from the collection that was available. One nude shade, another red shade and one brown shade, because let’s face it, it would not be a Nafisah Lipstick haul without a purple or brown  lipstick.

The first one to catch my eye is Sandstorm. Sandstorm is a peach nude shade. I prefer to team this up with a pink lip liner to add some depth to the lips. is easy to apply to the lips and spreads evenly.

Cherries Skies was the red shade I picked out after seeing the beautiful wear it in one of her Instagram pictures. It is a beautiful deep red shade. Think of an apple red and this is what you will find.

Keeping with the invented names the purple shade I picked up is called vintage. This is a deep true nineties brown shade. I tend to gravitate this type of brown at the moment. It is deep borderline vampy but with my complexion not explicitly vampy. It appears to work well and add something extra to the outfit I am wearing.

The NYX  Cosmetic Liquid Suede Creams are one of the best liquid lipstick formulas I have come across on the high street. Each shade apply evenly dries well and is extremely long lasting. I do apply a lip liner underneath them as I feel this help me and my shaky hands however once this is on the lips, you will not get it off without a oil based make up remover.

I normally find liquid lipsticks a bit tricky to apply sometimes. I need to take my time to apply it flawlessly. While I still need to take my time when applying it, the width of the applicator makes it easier to apply than most liquid lipstick.

Out of the three I would have to say my favourite to wear on a regular basis is actually the nude shade. It was the first one I tried and for someone reason has stuck with me.

I am honestly kicking myself for only picking up three shades and will be purchasing more the next time I take a trip to the store and pick up more, if not all the shades from the collection.


  • Lima
    11th February 2016 / Reply

    The shades look nice. Not particularly a fan of the Liquid Suedes though. It feels quite sticky! The soft matte lip creams though are spot on!



  • zenitajemella
    11th February 2016 / Reply

    I love the Liquid Suedes, I find Sandstorm to be a dupe of Colourpops Collab with ItsMyRayeRaye – StingRAYE.. Totally a great product at an affordable price

  • Lisa
    11th February 2016 / Reply

    Ooh I’ve been after something like this for ages. I shall give them a go :)


    • naffy
      13th February 2016 / Reply

      Let me know if you give them a go.

  • Adele
    11th February 2016 / Reply

    I love the look of these lip products I’ve never tried any thing of theirs before so it’s interesting to read what you think

    • naffy
      13th February 2016 / Reply

      Thanks for reading lovely

  • Jessica
    11th February 2016 / Reply

    Love this post! Liquid lipsticks are the best. I’ve heard the Kat Von D ones are amazing as well, but I LOVE NYX because they’re so affordable! I will have to see if I can hunt some of these down here in California.
    – Jessica
    Miss Moore Style

    • naffy
      13th February 2016 / Reply

      Definitely one of the best affordable liquid lipsticks

  • Courtney
    12th February 2016 / Reply

    I’ve been wanting to try these, I love to look of Vintage and a good nude is always amazing!

    La Belle Sirene 

    • naffy
      13th February 2016 / Reply

      Glad you like them! hope you give them a try.

  • Nashia Anthony
    14th February 2016 / Reply

    Oh wow these look amazing. I love the NYX matte lipsticks but I have not yet tried these or actually seen this here in Hong Kong. They look amazing

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem

    • naffy
      21st February 2016 / Reply

      Thanks lovely, hope you manage to find them, xx

  • Megan T.
    14th February 2016 / Reply

    I looove the NYX Liquid Suedes & can’t wait to get more! I think the formula is even better than the SMLCs. Currently I have Vintage & Stone Fox and love them both. It’s interesting that Vintage wears more brown on you, because it wears a tad more purple on me. Great post!

  • Ursula
    15th February 2016 / Reply

    I enjoyed your lipstick review and know to expect a purple and brown lip stick! :)



  • Kara
    15th February 2016 / Reply

    The NYX Liquid Suede’s are some of my favorites!!! Great review