Review | NARS Larger than Life Long-wear Eyeliner

29th December 2015 by naffy
NARS Larger than Life Long-wear Eyeliner

The more I played around with make up, the more I realised the importance of using an eyeliner to complete my eye looks. As I wear glasses I found it to be even more valuable in opening up my eyes and brightening them up. I also have sensitive eyes so finding an pencil liner I can work with can be tricky which is why I was excited to give NARS Larger than Life Long-wear Eyeliner in the shade Via Veneto.

Via Veneto is a intense black pencil liner with a rich creamy formula. Unlike a traditional pencil liner this has a gel feel and texture to it as you apply to it to the lids. It makes it easier when trying to get a precise line on the lids as it glides evenly without you having to tug too much.

The NARS Larger than Life Long-wear Eyeliner is a twist up liner rather than one you can sharpen. Usually I prefer a pencil you can sharpen however I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed using this. Unlike most products that come in this packaging, I found the pencil was secure, did not crumble and I am able to use this regularly.

You can find some great liners from Boots and Superdrug, however if are like me and struggle with pencil liner the NARS Larger than Life Long-wear Eyeliner  is worth the £19.00 for the full size version. I went from only using liquid liners to using for weeks on end consistently.

Do you have a favourite Pencil Liner? leave them in the comment below so I can check them out.


  • 30th December 2015 / Reply

    I can't believe you switched from liquid to this! I always thought I was a liquid eyeliner girl through and through but maybe I need to give this a go… I am a sucker for a bit of NARS!

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