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Review | Marc Jacobs Molly Watch

28th January 2016 by naffy

Marc Jacobs Molly Watch

Molly Watch When it comes to watches I find it hard to justify the price tag which tends to come with them. I find that I am unable to find one I wholeheartedly love. That was before I came across this Marc Jacobs Molly Watch.

As far as watches are concern I prefer more classic styles (think more along the lines of Daniel Wellington) and when I came across theMarc Jacobs Molly Watch at Watch Station in Cheshire Oakes I needed to try it one and ended up falling in love.

The gold detail against the black is something that I have been really in too and one I find that is flattering with all outfits which is what you want in an watch as it is a key item which you wear on a regular basis.

My main reason for falling in love with the Marc Jacobs Dotty Watch is the way it wrapped around my wrist. I have small wrists and find it hard to find watches and bracelets which fit nicely without falling off or looking our of proportion. If you have a similar issue, this style of watch is one for you.

The quality of the watch is also something you should consider and the quality of this watch is one of the best I have personally come across. The Marc Jacobs Dotty Watch has been handled in my handbag, placed on my bed and while I have been taking very good care of it, it is very durable, which means it will last you a long time.

For someone who generally use to loose her watches as a child, I have now been converted in to a watch wearer. It is six month later and it now a part of me. If I happen to forget to wear it on the odd day I feel lost without out it.

I managed to get this on sale during a trip to cheshire Oakes but you can purchase the Molly Watch here.

  • Tess
    29th January 2016 / Reply

    The first nice thing my mom ever bought me was a Marc Jacobs watch. I was heading overseas for the summer in a time before cell phones so I needed a way to tell the time. I loved it for years, but ended up getting a bit of water in it and it rusted.

  • Molly
    29th January 2016 / Reply

    This is such a nice watch! I love the black and gold together.

    Molly and Stacie