Review | Essence I love stage eye shadow base

24th July 2014 by naffy

Now, when it comes to eye primers, I will admit they all do the same thing for me. I don’t have particularly oily eye lids so it is something I can save money on try the budget versions of.

The Essence I love stage eyeshadow base* is something I was impressed with. I have small eyes so I just need to dab a bit of the primer using the doe foot applicator and blend it in with my fingers. It blends very easily leaving a little bit of a sticky feeling on the lids which is a good sign as it means the shadow you are about to apply with stick nicely to it and stay in place all day.

It is a skin tone shade which actually fades and just sinks in to your nicely cancelling out any redness or veins on your lids. Some primers can completely alter the shade of lids but this doesn’t do that at all.

When applying shadows on top of the primer they blend easily and last all day (Even for someone like me who can often forget she has eye make up on and rub her eyes) It doesn’t cling to certain areas, rather applies evenly and makes for a great flawless eye look.

Eye primers either work or they don’t. For £2.49 I am glad to say this one works well so if you are looking at investing in one I suggest giving this one a whirl first.

Lots of love
  • 24th July 2014 / Reply

    This sounds really good, I need to try some Essence products.