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Private Hairdressing with Colournation

20th July 2016 by naffy

Private Hairdressing Private Hairdressing London Hairdressers IMG_9750 IMG_9734 It is no secret that I wear a hijab and while that does mean I can get away with greasy hair days and even go a couple of days without brushing my hair, I do enjoy getting it cut and looking after it. I know this is not the case for everyone which is why I am excited to share with you the private hairdressing services by Colournation.

First of all, the terms private hairdressing make it sound a lot more exclusive than it is. The service is open to all customers. It aims to allow women who are not comfortable sitting on the main shop floor to get their hair cut to enjoy the salon experience in a small closed off room where they can feel comfortable and at ease while they are being treated at Colournation.

Coloration Hairdressers is in the middle of Oxford Street (Opposite Marks and Spencers) and they offer a range of treatments specialising in colour treatments and hair care specialities such as the Olaplaex treatment. I was booked in for a blow dry and was pleasantly surprised with the experience.

When I first arrived, I was asked if I would like a drink. (It was quite warm so I just asked for some water) later on my Hairdresser Salma sat down and we discussed what we were going to do. The thing which I found very interesting was how she talked me through my hair. While she was styling it, she talked me through the treatments that would help my hair. As someone who is interested in beauty I always have a lot of questions about hair and what I could do to keep up the condition of my hair. Salma was very helpful answering all my questions as best as she could.

This is why the private hairdressing section of the salon is useful. If you are someone who wear an Hijab or conscious about your hair and have personal questions you would like to ask about your hair, this is the perfect setting to do.

The entire Colournation  salon has a friendly atmosphere and very welcoming in general. I would highly recommend you take a look and see it for yourself if you are in the area.

Do you prefer a separate room while you are getting your hair cut? or do you mind if a passerby sees you through the window.

  • Fatima
    20th July 2016 / Reply

    I would always prefer a private enclosed area when opting for any hair service. I don’t like being seen by the passers-by. I do the hijab but even if I wouldn’t have, I would prefer a separate room.

    Fatima |

  • asma
    20th July 2016 / Reply

    oh wow I had no idea this was a thing? My mum wears a hijab and is always a bit weary about getting her hair done, she would love this idea!!! thanks for sharing xxx

  • Kay Cake
    20th July 2016 / Reply

    I love the unicorn colors from the sample shades shown!

  • MissPond
    21st July 2016 / Reply

    This is a great idea for people who need a bit of privacy. I’d never considered it before, but I think I would try out a more private service in the future.

  • Jess
    21st July 2016 / Reply

    This is such a brilliant idea and not something I’d ever even thought about! I hate hairdressers so something like this might make me a bit more comfortable. Glad you enjoyed the experience!

  • Poorva
    21st July 2016 / Reply

    that is a very thoughtful idea ! :)

  • Rachel
    22nd July 2016 / Reply

    I did cackle at being able to get away with greasy hair because of the Hijab but it is such an amazing feeling to have a hair cut isnt it x

  • Laura
    26th July 2016 / Reply

    I really don’t mind if any one sees me when get my hair cut. Its not that intimate procedure x

    Pink Frenzy