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26th January 2018 by naffy

Girl Gains School of greatness Yes girl podcast As we near the end of January, it can be easy to forget to fall off the bandwagon. Healthy eating habits start to slip, the organisation you promised to do all year around may start to dip slightly, which is why I thought I would share of the new motivational podcasts I have been listening too.

Lewis Howes The School of Greatness

I had heard a few people mention Lewis Howes and his work so I was intrigued and decided to put this on while I was tapping away at my laptop and let me tell you know – I had to listen to it again so I could soak in Lewis knowledge without any distraction. The topics range from business, to managing your health and relationships all from Lewis and guests such as Scooter Braun and Danica Patrick.

Fit & Fearless

This one is from my girls The Girl Gains. I have been inspired by these ladies nearly going on a year. They have been a positive force in my relationship with food and they have now placed their knowledge and spreading their message with the BBC Fit & Fearless podcast. In each show the girls feature a guest and debate topics such as Calorie counting, weightlifting and more. My favourite so far is the one featuring Rhiannon Lambert. #Moderationnotdeprevation

Wannabe Podcast 

This one is hosted by my friend Imrie and she focuses on the creative industry interviewing people she admires to share their stories, what motivated them to achieve the success they have and the tips and tricks they would advise others who wish to enter the industry. She focuses on the millennial life addressing the dreaded burn out and self care.

Yes Girl! 

I saw my girl Taraji was being interviewed by the lovely girls at Essence magazine for their podcast. I didn’t know what to expect but aside from loving T even more, I fell in love with the format of the show. The hosts are hilarious and the conversation both deep but light full of inspiring conversation. The show also feature women I do not normally get the joy of listening too in such a raw and genuine way. I ended up looking back through past episodes and ended up with a backlog of shows to listen to on my commute.

If you plan to grow and be the best version of yourself, these podcasts will equip you with tips and tricks to do just that.



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