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Places to visit this summer | UK

30th May 2018 by naffy

how to start a blog Nafisah Atcha how to start a blog Coming from the North of England, Summer has always been a bit wishy washy. It was neither here nor there. I was never really prepared for the summer mainly because it didn’t stick around for too long. Over the past year and especially as I moved to London – summer is here long enough to allow me to indulge in it a little bit which is why I thought I would share some of my favourite places around the UK for those off chance weekends when the sun is out and you just want to have some fun.


I have only visited Brighton once and I want to go again – no I need to go again. It has it’s own vibe completely different to anywhere I have experienced before in the UK. There is plenty to do all within walking distance of each other, from the pier, shopping in the lanes, delicious ice cream and just walking along the beach. Brighton comes alive in the summer and it is beautiful to see.


I grew up visiting Blackpool so it will always have a special place in my heart. It has everything you need for a weekend of fun in the sun. The beaches are not the best I will admit but Central Pier has some great stalls and arcades to sink your teeth into. There is also the theme park Pleasure Beach which even though I am not the biggest fan of rollercoasters always end up being a fun time.

The Lake District

This is more for those of you who like hikes, parks and nature. You can park your car have a little barbecue and go for a long walk. England has beautiful greenery so it would be silly to waste it.

There are of course many other places to visit across the UK. I picked these ones because they all hold something special to me and I know will make your day extra special.

Let me know your favourite places to visit in the UK during the summer.

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