People i admire in 2011

4th November 2011 by naffy

Sophia Bush

So most of you know all about my obsession with the show One Tree Hill. So it should come to no surprise to you all that i follow the cast on twitter. Sophia Bush is not an exception, but that is not why i admire her. Yes, she is an amazing wonderful actress who makes her character Brooke Davis truly magnificent and one of my favourite character’s ever, she is also an admiration with her personality and hobbies off the show.

Sophia is a down to earth actress who does a lot of for charities such as Do Something and I am that girl. She is filled with optimism and believes in human beings and equality. Just reading her twitter is inspiration enough. Reading about the charities she has helped is amazing and it is one of the reasons as to why she is one of the people i admire. She is cool, can have fun, hard worker and also cares about the world.

Those are the reason’s why i admire Sophia Bush, if you want to know more check out this Q & A she did with Bethany Joy Galelottie and her blog. Trust me you will not regret it and find her as inspirational as i do.

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