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The Monday Podcast Playlist

Every Monday needs a fresh new lease of life to get the week flowing. For me, that comes from reading, listening to podcasts...

Why i’ve changed the way I blog

Small Town

Lessons I learnt from living in a small town

I grew up in a small town or as I like to call it, the place where everyone knows each other. Some days I loved it, other days, I...

Being a doer – Doing more and dreaming less | Lifestyle

I have spent most of my life living in my head in some fantasy land where I wake up and everything sort of just falls in place. I...
What is a Kilo Sale

What happened when I went to a Kilo Sale | Fashion

You all know I have been on a bit of a mission to be more sustainable when it comes to fashion. This...
Copy of Exploring London (3)

Three Signs of burnout | Lifestyle

I know what you are thinking. Another article on Burnout, but the feeling of burnout is incredibly real. Trust me when I say, even...