One Tree Hill

4th April 2012 by naffy
So by tomorrow in America One Tree Hill will have aired it’s last episode. I thought it was fitting to explain why i love this show. It is the show i talk most about, i am collecting the boxset, i watch each season at least twice, i follow the cast on twitter and i tweet a lot about it and quotes from it too. 
One Tree Hill is a phenomenal Television show, the fact that it lasted nine years should be enough to tell you that. The basic plot line was about two brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott who lives suddenly are brought together. Everything from their girlfriends, friendship circles and personalities change. They go through a lot as characters from shootings to weddings and car crashes. Here are the reasons why i love the show.
  •  The lessons – One Tree Hill makes you think, it talks about no matter what life throws at you keep being a good person, life is not always happy but that is okay. Simply it tells you how life really is with a little bit of extra added drama that comes with a TV show
  • The actors – I love all the main actors from Chad Michael Murray  to Lee Norris. Every single of the main cast HIlarie Burton, Sophia Bush, James Lafferty, Bethany Joy Lenz to name a few are phenomenal. I cannot imagine it working quite as well without this cast. They made the characters in to who we love today. I think we can take it for granted but they have all done at least every bit of acting from sad scenes to happy sense to tragic scenes. For actors that is not easy to do yet they all make it look completely effortless. Not to mention Sophia Bush and Bethany Joy Lenz are personal heroes of mine too. 
  • The relationships – This was a huge part of the show. The story lines focused on them from season one yet they played a huge part in all nine series. My favorite of all time was Nathan and Haley simply because of the way it developed and how even after all these years with all the trauma they have been through they still love each other even more than the first day they met which is rare on tv and relationships in general too if you think about it. 
  • The Quotes- This show has to be the most quotable show of all time. Seriously, from Luke’s Narratives at the beginning of the earlier shows to what the characters say the amount of quotes of this show wheather it is about life or love is great and are perfectly chosen so much so they make up at least half of my quotes book. 
  • The Sports – Basketball plays a huge part of the show and i love sports so it was pretty awesome and some of the best scenes involved basketball. The skills of James Lafferty and Chad were again amazing
I could go on but i know chances are that it could bore so you know what i am going to show you instead. Here are some of my favorite sceness. One Tree Hill – it has been great, thank you. 
Season 4 – although i have to admit this probably also has something to do with my love for spice girls as well the show. 
Season 4 again :) 

There are so so so many more but there are not any video’s of them so here are some others. 
  • Lucas and Peyton cookie dough fight
  • The Halo performance
  • The Nathan and Haley in the rain scenes
  • When Keith and Karen get engaged
  • Brooke asks Hayley to be her maid of Honour
  • Jamies scene over all he is the cutest kid ever and so funny
  • The Nathan, Mouth and Skills Dance 
  • The weekend away when Nathan proposes to Haley again 
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