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8th August 2018 by naffy

Nafisah Atcha Portobello Market Nafisah Atcha “Your Chubby Cheeks” “You look well” “You need some meat on your bones” Give me a generic comment about my body, chances are I would have heard it and this was years before my body issues even began.

But isn’t just me, for the past eight weeks, I have seen tweets surrounding articles and comments about a particular cast member of Love Island and the decisions she has made about her body and I have to say I am horrified. All I can think about is how she will feel now the series has ended and she has come back in the real world and they impact it has on her.

I will let you into a secret. When I was 16, during an appointment with my endrochonologist I was asked if I wanted to have a boob job on the NHS. Now I said no but it is very easy to see why someone would say yes if they were asked. We are constantly comparing our bodies to those around us. When the topic of boobs of come up in a conversation with friends, I tend to comment on how small mine are even though for the most part I have accepted this and I am content enough with my body for it to not be a constant thought.

A few years ago, I lost a lot of weight due eating issues which I have spoken about before. Even now when my mindset is in a better space I can see how easy it can be to get triggered when someone tells me me, you have put on weight or when someone tells me how thin I am.  Friends will often tell me they wish they had my figure and I so badly hope that isn’t true. My body was a result of torturing myself and inadvertently those around me.

With the constant comparison of our bodies and indeed life to those around us we loose site of what matters and that is learning to love and accept yourself. We all have parts of our bodies and personality traits we do not love about ourselves. (I can be a bit selfish and I care a bit too much about what people think) but we are human and as a species we are not designed to be perfect, we are suppose to have flaws the trick is to accept it and be at peace with our inner self regardless of it.

It is a thin line and unfortunately there is no always a fail safe way to navigate this. I am often checking myself when I compliment my sister and cousins too – I want them to feel good in their skin but also help them realise their minds are just as beautiful and should  be celebrated too.

When you go to comment on someone either face to face or a tweet think twice about how it will make them feel. Remember you do not know what may trigger them and this is something to be conscious off. By all means tell someone how amazing they look. (If you know me, you will know I will always compliment someone on their outfit or lipstick) but be mindful of the effects your words can have on the recipient.

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