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New Video | January Favourites

31st January 2016 by naffy

January Favourites


This week January comes to an end and with that I decided to film my January Favourites. I was not sure if I was going to film favourites video, but a lot of you said you would like to seem them during 2016, so let me know what you think.

This month there was a big mix of  favourites. I have not been testing a lot of products or done a whole lot of shopping so my make up favourites are lacking this month but to make up for it I have a bunch of lifestyle favourites you may find interesting from food to TV.

If you are wanting some make up and skincare favourites, I am still enjoying my previous favourites which I mentioned towards the end of December which you can find here. 

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Next week, I should have a Get Ready With Me video for you all. Thank you for watching and see you at the same time next week.

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