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10th February 2021 by naffy

Mantra As we start a new week I wanted to share with one of my favourite sayings.  It is something I try to live by and check myself with regularly. My golden mantra is “Treat others the way you wish to be treated”

Disappointed? thought it would be something you haven’t heard before? I don’t blame you. This is not a new philosophy. It is something that has resonated with many people around the world for years.

Treating others the way I wish to be treated is something I have strived for since I can remember. Is it something I achieve all the time – no, not at all, I am human after all but having it at the back of my mind on a regular basis allows me to check in with my actions. It makes me a kinder, genuine person. It allows me to consider my actions before I carry them through.

What if you’re upset with someone? What if all you want to do is shout and scream I hear you ask? Fair point. Anger and sadness are real emotions that need to process correctly. This is probably where I will lose some of you. I have this ability to the coin of two sides. So if someone has shouted at me, I often take a minute to wonder why they are acting this way? Usually, I find the answer has very little to do with me. It is usually because of an event I have no relation too and I was in the crossfire. This doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything wrong or that I didn’t deserve that but rather I acknowledge if this had happened on another day, it may have been dealt with differently. As this person on Twitter said, “But sometimes, you have to treat them better because they have low standards”

Another reason I try to have this mantra as the back of my head is more spiritual. It embodies what my religion (Islam) stands for. Islam is often misunderstood in the media but essentially it is a peaceful religion and it is core it is about being a good kind human being. Personally I feel it embodies the philosophy held by our prophet and the life he led.

This phrase means something different to all of us.  One lady says to her it means “If you wouldn’t want it said or done to you, don’t do or say it to someone else” While another said “Be kind, respect one another, don’t be shitty human, overall just be nice to each other”

I was also curious to see what other people’s mantras were and the response was interesting some like “Everything happens for reason” are other sayings I say regularly while some such as “Nothing else matters as long as you’re happy” caused an interesting debate.

All in all the saying or mantras we live by help shape how we see ourselves or how we wish to see ourselves. They allow you to check-in with yourself and make sure you’re living as authentically as possible.

What is yours?

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