Mr Selfridge

11th January 2013 by naffy

Last Sunday saw the eagerly awaited show Mr Selfridge air on TV. I was literally waiting for this to come on television from around September when they started advertising it.

The show centres around the famous department store Selfridges and primarily on the person who made it possible Mr Harry Selfridge. It shows the hardwork and the set backs that took place while he was on this adventure in changing the way Britain today and how he paved the way for future department stores. It also shows how we as nation changed the way in which we shop to how we know it to be today.

You all know I like fashion and beauty so Selfridges is one of my favourite places to window shop. (and dream) but I also really enjoy history. I can watch many historial programmes. This show mixes, fashion, history and entertainment quite well.

It has made me want to do some research on the background of the store and I am sure that the programme has done Harry Selfridge and his legacy the utmost justice.

The acting in the show makes it phenomenal too. There are some terrific performances from Jeremy Piven, Katherine Kelly to name a few.

If you have not watched it yet, catch up on ITV Player and then watch it on Sunday at 9PM, You won’t regret it!