Movie Review: 21 Jump St.

24th March 2012 by naffy

So I went to watch this with one my friends at uni last night and I tell you something I was not expecting the film to be as funny and hilarious as it was. I mean it couldn’t not be seeing as it has comedy genius Jonah Hill in it mix that with fresh comedy acting from the beautiful Channing Tatum you really are on to something. I won’t give too much away but it literally had me I stitches through out the entire film.
The story line at first seems like a straightforward kind of plot two cops go undercover and have a laugh being kids again. The plot does so much more than that, it helps shows how tough it is grow up and the importance of friendship chucked in with a few laughs. It highlights issues such as drugs and binge drinking in teenagers too but that is just me.
The acting by the main cast was great. The film also showed Channing Tatum comedy side which I hadn’t really seen before as he has mainly acted in more chick flicks compared to action comedy films but really loved. It is definatly a feel good laughing film you want to go see with your friends. If you’re a girl, you will love the comedy side to it and of course Channing Tatum and if you like action films, there is a lot of action in this with high speed chases and explosions. There is something there for everyone to see.

  • 25th March 2012 / Reply

    Hill and Tatum are great together here and add a lot to this film’s comedy but it’s just the way it is all written that makes it even richer. It’s making fun of those high school comedy conventions but at the same time, is inventing it’s own as it goes on. Great review Naffy.

    • 26th March 2012 / Reply

      Definately agree! and thank you :)

  • 26th March 2012 / Reply

    This is so true and aww thank you! means a lot! glad you liked it