“Me, ready for the real world? You have to be kidding”

18th June 2012 by naffy

For those of you that know me know that I rarely complained when I was at school. I was a goody toe shoes not going to deny that. I genuinely liked my lessons and didn’t have any real enemies. Recently though, I realised something. School makes most of us book smart but not street smart. You could say that’s their job but there are things which they could have taught us to make us more street smart.

About Three or Four years ago I realised how shocking the citezenship education is nationally. I mainly focused on the importance on Political Education through this.  Political Education is important for many reasons such as making sure the electorate knows the facts and young people know how politics affects them.

Recently however I have began to understand that there are many ways these lessons could have been made useful. There main aim is to make sure young people are equip for life. I always thought I was mature and prepared for life. I have only been out of education a month and could tell you exactly how those lessons do not do that. In fact I actually regret thinking I had a decent citizenship education before now.

Those lessons should be carried on in College and even available at University. Why? because there are things we think at 15  / 16 years old we either 1 – Already know or 2 – Don’t need to know. By the time we get to college we are more mature (or at least most of are) to see the importance of what we are being told and actually listen…if it is at the proper standard.

Young people (I am including myself in that) know very little about surviving in the adult world, yet this is what school is gearing us for so surely it should include things like Life Skills, Money, Politics, Getting a Job and things like that especially at the moment when it is really hard to get anywhere.

What do you all think? Do you agree or disagree?

  • 19th June 2012 / Reply

    Here here! I completely agree with you.
    Teaching about sex, drugs and smoking etc is important, but they tend to be choices that hit us later than 15! Simple but essential things such as dealing with money or friendship/family difficulties seem to be completely off the agenda.
    Hmm I hope they take it on board one day.. sorry for my little rant hehe!

    Lucy x

  • 19th June 2012 / Reply

    aha, don't apologise!!! I completely agree with you 100%!:)


  • 21st June 2012 / Reply

    Agree! Even things like mortgages and credit cards – I'm going to have to rely on my parents help on that front, and many others matters no doubt that I'm yet to encounter.

    Jo x

  • 21st June 2012 / Reply

    exactly! we could have been more prepared! xxxx