Make up Monday |Vamping things up

15th February 2016 by naffy


I love Vamping things up, the problem is I am not a partying girl which means when I wear them, it is usually during the day or going to a meal so I thought I would share some tips to rock a vampy lip without looking over done.

Black Liner
You do not need a smokey eye with a vampy lip but to keep things balanced I use my Estee Lauder Little Black Liner on top of a neutral eye to add some definition. On a personal note, I found this add some sophistication to the look.

Neutral Blush
Again when it comes to the cheeks if you like highlighter as much as I do keep the blush a neutral pink or brown shade. Think along the lines of Urban Decay Afterglow blush in Video. I used it in this video but it is a nice brown neutral shade that goes with every lip colour and most eye looks.

Whitening Tooth Paste
Vampy Lips can sometime highlight the yellow in your teeth so I make sure I brush my teeth with some whitening toothpaste to make sure I brighten my teeth up slightly.

When I have done those steps, I know I am ready to wear a vampy lip.

  • Elaine
    16th February 2016 / Reply

    Agreed with all your tips on rocking a vampy lip! I don’t party either but I’ll just wear one when I feel like it 😛

  • Jodi
    16th February 2016 / Reply

    Definitely agree with your tips! And I’m the same way with bold lips – I’m such a granny that I never go out. 😛

  • Nashia Anthony
    16th February 2016 / Reply

    You look amazing and I love the lip colour looks really good on you

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem

    • naffy
      21st February 2016 / Reply

      Thank you Nashia

  • Larissa
    16th February 2016 / Reply

    Very cute shade! Love it ! It really suits you, wish I could pull something like this.

  • Sammi the Beauty Buff
    18th February 2016 / Reply

    Omgggggg that lip color gives me LIFE! For me, my thing is my brows. If I’m wearing a bold lip, I have to make sure my brows look neat and filled in (since mine are blonde, they tend to get lost if I don’t). I’ve heard great things about the Afterglow blushes!

  • Ursula
    20th February 2016 / Reply

    I need to try that look myself but a little tone down like your vamp makeup look! :)