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20th October 2014 by naffy

Let’s face it on a Monday Morning our faces can seem a bit lack luster and dull, especially in the winter. With the early dark mornings my skin doesn’t always get radiance it needs to give it back it’s life.

I recently found a skin combination that gives me a boost every morning lasting all day. Not only does it wake my skin up but it also makes me feel nice so I start the day in a good mood.

The Kiehls hydro-plumping re-texturising serum concentrate* is the latest serum from Kiehl’s. It is part of the dermatologist solutions line and aims to wake up tired skin smoothing fine lines and plumps up your skin which makes it perfect to use in the morning as it gives your skin the perkiness it needs so no one at work realises you stayed up all night watching Netflix. (We have all been there)

I really enjoy using this. It doesn’t feel tacky the way in which most serums do. It gives my skin the moisture it craves in the morning making it perfect if you have slightly dehydrated skin. I also found it worked well under my make up. My tinted moisturiser didn’t slip and slide which was as added bonus.

It is a silicone like appearance when you put it on your hands but it doesn’t feel like that at all. It is nice and silky on the skin and absorbs quickly.

The other thing that can perk me up or at least make me look perky is tackling my under eyes. By the end of the week my lids can look dreary and puffy but a good eye cream can fix it. I’ve been using the Vichy Idealia Eyes*. Enriched with illuminating properties as well as ingredients such as caffeine and Vitamin B3 it gives my under eyes the much needed brightness it needs.

The handy applicator means you don’t have to get your fingers dirty as it is suppose to be as soft as your index finger. Personally, I still like using my fingers to blend the cream in but this is soft and doesn’t drag or tug. It is also fun to try and use waking you up in the morning!

It is soft and hydrating which helps you get rid of those pesky lines dry under eyes can give. It doesn’t contain nasty ingredients which means it is great for those of you who have sensitive skin or tend to break out from heavy skincare products as it is quite light.

I have been using this over the past month and I have noticed a big difference in the way my under eyes look and feel. It is light enough to use in the morning and hydrating enough to use at night.

Both of these have been skincare staple over the past month making me look and feel more awake and are the perfect pick me up in the mornings. 

Lots of love
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