Made in Chelsea Season 4!

16th October 2012 by naffy

So yesterday saw the start of Made in Chelsea Season 4. If you have read my previous post about it or looked at my twitter you will have found I have become quite a fan! Something, which when I first started watching it, I wasn’t expecting. I really like the majority of the cast and even though they may not always come across in the right way, they are all only a couple of years older than and already have careers in business, fashion, magazines, academics and music. You have to admire people who can juggle that (which is hard on it own) along with being in the public eye.

The past couple of weeks have shown us teasers leading up to the big first episode and it really did not disappoint. I won’t spoil it too much for those of you who haven’t seen yet but it starts off towards the end of summer. (I think they started filming towards the end of August) The opening scenes are in St Tropez following Louise, Spencer, Rosie, Jamie and Francis.

It also introduces 3 new male characters in the form of Andy, Stevie and Sam. I am quite liking Sam but I think I would have to wait a bit longer to see weather or not I like them. There is already some rivalry between one of them and Spencer.

On a different storyline Cheska gets introduced to Richards new girlfriend Ithone who I am not sure what to make off yet either. Time will tell. There is also some shocking moment from Ollie (although if you follow him on twitter you will probably already know what it is)

The three lost boys who are amazing and always make me either laugh or say aww did not disappoint either. See some true great from them and see how they are finding moving in together.

Of course for all the fashion hungry people reading this, the clothes were amazing especially Millie Mac’s! I love her style anyway but she looked absolutely stunning in yesterdays episode.

You can catch all 4 series on 4od right now.

My MIC obsession is back and I am really looking forward to the rest of the series. Do any of you watch it? If you do, what did you think?

Lots of love Nafisah.

  • 16th October 2012 / Reply

    I am American but I still love Made in Chelsea! I can't get my hands on all the episodes over here, which is annoying, but I do try! And I'm absolutely obsessed with Millie…she's just perfection :)

  • 17th October 2012 / Reply

    glad youu like the show! MIllie is unbelievably flawless! xo