Made in Chelsea

2nd May 2012 by naffy

So if you follow me on twitter, chances are you know i like TV. I have to admit this show is one of my guilty pleasures. I can’t help it every Monday without doubt i will be watching it. I follow the cast and know what most of them do outside the show. The show is based around their life but it focuses more on their social life not their professional which for all intents and purposes i can see why but still whatever you think of them they have come far haven’t they?

Caggie for example went from working in a pub to being a musician and fashion designer
Millie Mac is a Make up artist and has a internship at Glamour Magazine (which btw, i would die for)
Hugo has a successful career in management and business with Bourne Collections. 
and so on and so on. I don’t even know what keeps me so drawn and wanting to know what happens in their lives. I think it because even though they have all this money and come from decent backgrounds you would expect them all to be different so to speak and unrelatable to us but it shows everyone is human. Everyone goes through emotions, mistakes and life basically. How can you not fall in them?! 
You would have to be incredibly insane not to like Jamie Laing, and the rest of his gang. They are pretty cool aren’t they? 
What do you guys think? do you watch the show? 
If you haven’t watched it yet why not? get on 4OD ! 
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