Lord & Berry lipstick pencil in chocolate

30th July 2013 by naffy

Hi ladies, now my love of lip products has  been well documented on this blog but there are shades ad products missing from my collection. Namely lip pencils and brown shades.

When I came across this Lord & Berry lipstick pencil in chocolate* I wasn’t sure what to expect. It is a deep brown shade and one I usually say away from, however I was pleasantly surprised to find that I quite like the way it looked on me. 
What I really love about this lip stick is the pigmentation. Most similar products are quite sheer which is why I do own any. 
The Lord & Berry offering however is full of colour. As it is in pencil form it is easy to apply so it is perfect for those who have not yet ventured in to lipsticks. 
I found that it lasts between 2-4 without fading depending on how much you eat or drink. 
When the colour does fade it does so very evenly. You can wear this to meal and not worry about getting it all over our face. 
My only qualm with this product would be is that over time it can be drying but that isn’t something lip balms cannot solve! 
Overall I am really impressed with this. For the price and quality it is a good deal.
It’s my first delve in to Lord and Berry and may venture in to finding out more about them and trying a different shade in their lip pencils.

You can try Lord and Berry Lipstick pencil here for £8.00.

Have you tried these lip sticks from lord & Berry? 
Lots of love 
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