Links I love #24

21st December 2013 by naffy
My Story – How to cope with loosing a loved one | Skeena – I have been watching Skeena’s video’s for a few months now. Everyone I have watched has been inspirational full of quotes and thirst for life. This video is something that is close to my heart and I cannot imagine how hard it must have been for her to film so please do watch it.

The bombshell make up tutorial ft Millie MacKintosh | Charlotte Tilbury – If I could pick just about anybody to learn make up Charlotte Tilbury would be right up there. She is cool funky and knows exactly what she is talking about. Add on to that she has collaborated with my style and beauty crush Millie Mac made this video a must see the moment I saw it in my subscription feed.

Make up collection and storage | Vivianna Does Make Up – What do you do when one of your favourite bloggers does a make up collection video? Squeel with excitement and as soon as you can make a cup a tea and indulge in the video. That is exactly what I did when Anna uploaded her latest video.

My Favourite mascaras | Cllrs – I have become a bit of a mascara junkie so when my friend Cat posted this on her blog I knew I had to read it straight away. Her blog is brilliant so if you haven’t had a chance to look yet I would give it a read.

Hope you guys find something new to read among these. This is the last in the #LinksILovePost next week will be my favourite bloggers / vloggers of 2013 so expect quite a long post ;).

Have a lovely weekend. 

Lots of love