Kate Moss Lasting Finish lipstick 05

2nd July 2013 by naffy

Morning lovlies, how are you all?

Yes, you guessed it, today I am talking to you about another lipstick love of mine. This is rather unusual for me as I do not usually venture in to this colour range but it has become a favourite.

The Rimmel London Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in 05 is a bubblegum pink shade. It has slight undertones in it which is why I can wear it. I usually have to stay away from bright pinks and nudes as they make me look washed out.

It is a perfect mix of colour on me. The pigmentation is amazing! I caught myself being stunned at the colour pay off of this shade when I applied it.

I enjoy this to wear when I need something a little low key compared to the other lipsticks in my collection. This would be perfect for work or just for going about day to day.

The finish is velvety smooth making it easy to apply. The smell of this lipstick range is appealing too on a similar radar to MAC.

As it is in the name the lasting power of this lipstick is one of the best I have. It lasts for a few hours. I do reapply it after I eat or drink as it can fade then but there is no smudging and the fade is even.

I also really like the packaging compared to the standard Rimmel lipstick. I love the cute love heart on it with Kate underneath.

If you need another thing to like about this lipstick? You can find it at Boots or Superdrug. It retails for £5.49.

Have you tried this range yet?
Lots of love

  • Bea
    2nd July 2013 / Reply

    This lipstick looks great! It's not a colour range I would usually venture into but I love the whole Kate Moss collection that I think I might! The pigmentation looks great too!

    Bea xx

    • 8th July 2013 / Reply

      Yeah me too! I love the vast colour range of her lipsticks in the lasting finish collection. hopefully they bring some more out xxx

  • 3rd July 2013 / Reply

    Hi! I wanted to say your blog is really nice! I would love to try the Kate Moss lippies.
    I Am THE Makeup Junkie

    • 8th July 2013 / Reply

      Thank you very much lovely xx