July Sourced Box Unboxing

29th July 2016 by naffy

IMG_9631 IMG_9639 2 IMG_9644 IMG_9642 If you read last months introduction to Sourced Box, you will know how much I was blown away with the goodies I received. One month on, the July Sourced Box arrived and it was full of surprises and knew it would be something to share with you.

The Giving Tree Peach Crisp 
I adore The Giving Tree Strawberry Crisp which are just basically freezes Strawberries, so I was very excited to see the Peach version in this months box. If you love peaches you will love this. I really enjoy The Giving Tree crips as an alternative to regular crips when I am on the go.

Virtue Energising water
Full of Ginseng and vitamins this is an alternative to a regular sugar filled lemonade. This is one I was unsure about as I am not someone who loves fizzy drinks in general however this was nice and if you love lemon and lime flavoured drinks, this is one to try.

Rhythm 101 Tea Biscuits 
Healthy and Biscuits rarely come in the same sentence and being British, I do love a biscuit to dunk in to my tea and this was perfect. I got the Lemon and Ginger flavour and they are absolutely delicious. I will definitely be repurchasing this in the future.

Saf Beetroot and Horseradish Crackers 
Have you had Horseradish? neither have I, nor am I fan of traditional beetroot which you find in Salads. With that in mind, I was bracing myself to not enjoy this however they actually tasted delicious. They were chewy and slightly on the dry side but they go well if you are on the go and feeling peckish. Saf, have a pizza flavour in these crackers which I ned to try too

The Body Me Organic  Protein Bar Raw Cacao and Orange 
I have mentioned this on the blog before because I was blown away with this. I am not a huge fan of protein bars, they tend to be quite high in calories and contain lots of extras my body just doesn’t need. The Body Me Organic Protein Bar is a plant based protein bar using hemp to help add protein. I found this made it a it lighter on the stomach and more digestible. The reason I love this is because it honestly tasted like a brownie. Unfortunately you can only get this online at the moment if you do not live in London but keep an eye out for this bar, it is going places.

Soffles Rosemary and Thyme Pitta Chips 
I have never had Pitta Chips before and while you can bake them yourself this is so convenient to take with you to work to snack on. The flavour was spot on and if you are craving crips, this fills the void.

Wild Trail Fruit & Nut Bar 
Finding a good Fruit and Nut bar (bar the Nakd Bars) can be very hard to find. Many are overloaded with additives and sugar so I was intrigued to find this five ingredient bar from Wild Trail. All it contains is Peanuts, Raisins, GF Oats, Apple Concentrate and Pumpkin Seeds. This honestly tastes like the nutty goodness you experience in a snickers bar. They have three variations and I am definitely tempted to purchase this bundle right now.

Cacao Dusted Tiger Nuts 
Tiger Nuts are not something I have tried before and while they are not my favourite I think if you love nuts, this may be worth trying. The Cacao makes it slightly bitter but they were interesting.


The Living Food Kitchen Inca Berry pumpkin seed coconut flapjack 
It has been a while since I tried a flapjack and the The Living Food Kitchen Inca Berry pumpkin seed coconut flapjack was everything you want in a flapjack, it was soft and tasty. Often people think healthy alternative to snacks do not work out but that is not the case at all. if I placed this infant of you without the packet you would not expect it to filled with coconut oil and inca berries.

The Good Guru, Good Berry Powder 
We received this sachet of the Good Berry Powder to place in our porridge as an added bonus. I am berry obsessed and usually add frozen berries with my porridge and this adds some nutrients and vitamins to your morning.

Did you try this months Sourced Box? Will you be picking any of these up? If you want to try out next months Sourced Box, you still have a few days left before the August Box is no longer available.


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