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31st July 2012 by naffy

So I have been reading a lot of blogs lately. They all range from weird and wondering things like fashion or just lifestyle blog or to blogs written by celebrities. They aren’t all on blogspot though so I thought I would share a few of them with you and while I like them.


This blog is written by the beautiful and talented actress, singer and writer Bethany Joy Lenz. For those of you who know me will know that the character she plays in One Tree Hill is one my favorites ever to be seen  on TV. A lot of that is down to the acting by Bethany Joy. Her blog features everything from fun outfit posts to post about what she is reading. She also has 10 questions with segments with other actors. She also blogs about causes and her life.


Carrie Hope Fletcher is the younger sibling of Mcfly’s Tom Flectcher. She is a talented singer, writer and all round nice person. I love her blog for so many reason’s. She blogs about Disney, new songs she is playing/ working on and the inspirational quotes she finds are ones that I reblog and write down in my quotes book. Speaking of books if you like reading Carrie is an avid reader so you can find new books to read too! If you are looking to read a inspirational yet fun blog to read this is definately the one!


Nelipott, is a blog by someone called Jayde. I read a lot of magazines which have reviews of music ect but when I started reading this blog I was amazed at how passionate and detailed the reviews were. Jayde doesn’t just write the reviews because she knows that you will read them. She writes them because she genuinely likes/dislikes what she writes about. It is such a good blog to read she also writes lifestyles posts which are equally as good.

Notes From My Closet

For all you make up/ fashion lovers out there Rachel’s blog is great. Not only are her video’s detailed she shows you the products she uses. You can tell she genuinely means what she says about them. I have been interested in a few items after hearing her video’s about them and can say I always look forward to hearing what new thing she has brought. I also like the fact she posts her lovely outfits everyday as well as life posts which are all just as interesting :)

I read a lot of blogs, these were just a few that were on top of my head and I make sure I read when I know that they have written a post. If you think I haven’t seen your blog yet let me know! and if your blog is not on here do not worry I will probably be doing more post like this soon. :)

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