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INC.redible You Glow Girl in Cosmic Blur | Review

3rd April 2018 by naffy

INC.redible Cosmetics jelly Highlighter When I was at Glamour Beauty Festival I attended the talk which included the founder of Nails Inc and INC.redible. I was instantly in awe of her dedication, sophistication and creativity and as we left all the attendees were kindly gifted a pot of INC.redible You Glow Girl in Cosmic Blur. From the moment I saw the word Glow, I was intrigued.

The INC.redible You Glow Girl in Cosmic Blur is a jelly consistency which I am actually not mad about. unlike cream or liquid highlighters as it stays put a little better and blends nicely into the skin. It is a little messy in the sense I would use my fingers rather than a brush to apply it, however, I was incredibly impressed with the formula.

Cosmic Blur is a nice iridescent shade, one that I would not normally go for as it is quite pigmentation, making it a little bit intense and not the best for my skin tone. I will say though, it is something I would actually wear to an Indian wedding when I am likely to go a little overboard and play around with my make up.

In the meantime, I found another way you can wear it is as a lip topper on top of a liquid lipstick or on the lids. I tried it as a lip topper and I think this will be how I will be wearing it on a regular process. As it is pigmented it shows up nicely and adds a nice dimension to the lips – especially on top over purple or pink lipstick.

For those of you who have a bit of a warm skin tone or just prefer a warmer highlighter, they do a shade called gold which is sold out at the moment but keep an eye out.

The INC.redbile make up line also includes liquid highlighters and lipsticks and after trying out the INC.redible You Glow Girl in Cosmic Blur I am excited to try. Haul anyone?

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